Elaine M. Stately Peacemaker Center
2300 Cedar Avenue S
Minneapolis MN 55404
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AIM Peacemaker Center


  • Support the American Indian community by promoting neighborhood safety, unity and cultural pride.

  • Protect the security and cultural pride of Indian youth and their families.


    • Sugar Bush Camp: American Indian youth learn the traditional way of harvesting maple syrup while camping out. This program provides a continuation of knowledge about the Traditional way of life, as well as, an appreciation for modern lifestyles.

    • Purification Ceremonies (sweat lodge): Ceremonies are conducted by Elder Spiritual Leaders to help strengthen youth spiritually and culturally, stressing the importance of an alcohol/drug-free lifestyle. Teaches youth the ceremony from preparation of the lodge to caring for the altar to maintaining the fire.

    • Farm and Save Program: Summer work program teaches youth work skills including: punctuality, team-work, and planning a garden. In addition, youth earn stipends for school supplies and distribute produce to inner-city families and food shelves.

    • A.I.M. Patrol: Received special recognition from Dayton Bluffs of St. Paul and Healthy Nations of Minneapolis for outstanding assistance in developing collaboratives and partnerships among the Indian community, other residents, businesses, and organizations to develop and maintain communities free from violence.

    • Recreation Program: Provides activities for neighborhood youth including: bowling, arts and cultural programming, trips to concerts, swimming, sports games, pow-wows and other events. A mural was completed by young artists calling themselves "Creative Energy Murals" to decorate two walls of the formerly drab Peacemaker Center building.

    • Gathering of the Sacred Pipes Sundance: Sponsored the 8th Annual Purification Gathering of youth and elders to teach youth why it is essential to include spirituality in everyday life. This will help them develop a strong base so they can choose a rewarding lifestyle and feel good about themselves.

    • On the Red Road Celebration: Sponsored the 11th Annual pow-wow and Alcothon program, an alcohol-free New Year's Eve dance.

"We don't have a choice about paying attention to the needs of our young people.
They are our tomorrow. Today we have a responsibility to give them what
each and every one of them deserves, a good life, a strong body,
and understanding of what it really means to be Indian."
-- Clyde H. Bellecourt, Executive Director