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Bull Conner Lives On in Yankton, South Dakota

April 28, 2008



I am Oitancan Zephier. I am looking for all the support and publicity I can get in the native community on this hogfarm protest in Marty, SD on the Yankton Sioux Rez. 2 weeks ago the state moved in and started claiming our tribal road. There is a hogfarm being built on state land, surrounded by indian land. It is a tactic to take more land. The Yankton Sioux Tribe is in litigation with the State of South Dakota now. They are saying we're a diminishing tribe with diminished lands. Our boundaries are undefined so we're a checkerboard rez.

Recently there has been nearly 50 of us thrown in jail for protesting on the indian land (road) by state officers. They say it's their road, when in reality we have had jurisdiction on it for the past 15 years. However, there is no physical proof that either of us own it. That would mean it goes back to the original owner in court. That makes us the rightful owner from my understanding of the law. Below you will find an email that I forwarded on to everyone I know. We need support.

Tuesday we have court and will be in jail because of the prejudice of the local government. We need help! We need lawyers. Wednesday the 30th of April we will be rallying at the site near Marty, SD. AIM is planning on coming as well as Dennis Banks. We are awaiting confirmation on his arrival though. Please send to all your friends. I would greatly appreciate it.

People! We need your help! Come to Marty, SD now! We need the help of every nation that is willing to help us! Don't wait for an invitation. Please! Come help us now! We're too busy with things here to think of everyone that can help us. We have our hands full with what's in front of us. Call us. Make suggestions. Give us advise! Whatever it is, help us! We need bodies. We need people! people! people! We need people willing to fight! We need people willing to go to jail by a state officer on indian land! Doesn't that seem wrong to you? I went to jail while standing on a tribal highway by a South Dakota state deputy, while the Bureau of Indian Affairs watches. That's what is happening! It is wrong! We need money for bail. Many more of us will be going to jail.

If we don't fight this, indian people will continue to lose land. Next time it will be your people. Remember when a cry for help came out what 'reason' or 'excuse' you gave. You'll get it right back when you need help.

The system keeps us locked in place. It keeps us working, paying bills and plugged into society. In that mindset we're all robots programmed to do what the government wants us to do pay taxes! Give them money! 'I gotta feed my family,' you're thinking. I know it. I was too, but overcame it. Tunkasina (the grandfather) knows that our fight is right and honorable. Better things will follow for us.

This is really not about a hogfarm! This is about the racist state of south dakota moving in the middle of Indian country and saying, 'This is our road!' Tomorrow it will be 'this is our land!' We need to fight! We need your help! View videos on You Tube-Yankton Protests

Oi Zephier
Ihanktonwan Dakota
Yankton Sioux Tribe
PO BOX 192
Marty, SD 57361
Phone: (605) 454-8355

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