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November 3, 1999

re: Robert A. Branscombe

On Thursday September 16, 1999 Robert A. Branscombe, a person claiming to be a distant relative of the Anna Mae Aquash Family, staged a press conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, during which he recklessly named several individuals, some in the leadership of the American Indian Movement, alleging that they were involved in the death of Anna Mae Aquash twenty-three years ago on the Oglala Lakota Nation, Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Among those named was former personality in the American Indian Movement Russell Means who has resigned from the Movement at least six times previously (see "AIM on Russell Means").

What is especially strange about this is that now Russell Means surfaces on November 3, 1999 in a strange alliance with Robert Branscombe at a joint press conference at the U.S. Federal Building in Denver, Colorado, claiming to represent the American Indian Movement of Denver. He does not!

Of course, in addition to Robert Branscombe, waiting in the wings is his other handler, Ward Churchill, a strange individual and subject of a lengthy report, "United States Government War Against the American Indian Movement". What this unholy alliance between Branscombe, Means and Churchill represents is a continuation of the U.S. Government FBI war against the American Indian Movement leadership. One can only suspect that Russell Means is attempting to deflect attention from himself and what role he may have played in the death of Anna Mae Aquash. Only he and perhaps others know the answers.

One thing is for certain: for fifteen years along with his puppeteer Ward Churchill and his handlers have made a career of attacking the Leadership of the American Indian Movement (see "BACKGROUND: The United States Government War Against The American Indian Movement".

To the news media and others we say: Do not be fooled by this latest reckless, slanderous and libelous grandstanding of Russell Means, Robert Branscombe, Ward Churchill and their handlers. After all, they are conducting this press conference down the hall from FBI Headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Vernon Bellecourt
National Representative

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