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War in Libya

March 30, 2011

The American Indian Movement supports the statement A-APRP Statement from the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (GC) in regard to Libya, and the foundation that leaders, Kwame Ture of the A-APRP, and Vernon Bellecourt of the American Indian Movement solidified in regard to supporting actions against Africa, which includes Libya.

Delegates of the American Indian Movement, and the International Indian Treaty Council visited Libya on several occasions taking part in sypmposiums organized by Libyan revolutionary committees. In 1986 we participated along with the A-APRP (All African Peoples Revolutionary Party) in traveling to Libya in opposition to President Reagan's travel ban. We are opposed to the military aggression by the United States against a sovereign country. Bombs are indiscriminate, and we have yet to hear the atrocities that these bombs have caused on the civilian population in Libya.

The United States along with partner countries, France, Italy, Germany, and Great Britain do not possess the moral high ground to act as defenders of human rights. This isn’t so much about defending human rights as it is defending economic interests, and strategic interests. President Obama said in his speech on March 28th that the bombing of Libya “prevented a potential massacre.” As victims of violence, U.S. aggression on our lands, chemical warfare, theft of our natural resources at the hands of the colonial U.S. government, we don’t know if the U.S. has really prevented anything in Libya.

The bombing of Libya must stop. Libya and its leader Moammar Ghaddafi or "the Leader" as many people in Libya call him, is a sovereign nation in which the U.S. has no business interfering in, or using its bogus excuse of saving civilians, when the real reason for bombing Libya and trying to kill its leader is to obtain its rich oil rights and revenues, and continue the operations of U.S. and European oil companies in Libya. If we continue on this blind need for high octane energy, we will see more destruction of the earth, and its inhabitants.

Ghaddafi's crime is not of being a ruthless dictator, as the U.S. has successfully convinced the world of, but of openly denouncing imperialism by Europe and the U.S. when he successfully took back his country from a ruthless monarchy in 1969, and kicked out all of the European and U.S. military, and took over his country’s oil resources and revenues. He has never backed down from his hatred of imperialism.

The excuse for starting a war in Iraq was based on lies and media manipulation. Ghaddafi is no more a dictator than George W. Bush. Millions of civilians were killed and murdered during the Iraq invasion, where was the outcry? What about Abu-Graib, water boarding, Guantanamo Bay, the Patriot Act, these acts surly are not acts of a caring democracy who wants to see peace in this world. What we have in the United States is not a democracy but a corporatocracy, the U.S. is not led by the people, but by rich corporations in which its leaders manipulate, pay and buy votes in Congress in order for their companies to pay no taxes and their CEO's to get richer while the middle class is becoming extinct. Why do Americans continue to allow this country to start wars which cost trillions of dollars while domestic jobs are going overseas and our ability to work, stay in our homes and pay for medical insurance becomes impossible, and has made millions of once working middle class people become helpless, homeless and poor?