National Coaltion on Racism in Sports and Media
December 5, 2002

For Release: December 5, 2002

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DECEMBER 5, 2002
Re: First Twins First in Racism


First Twins first in Racism

Presidential apology required.

Guests to the Texas White House were expected to dress as Indians. On the occasion of Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna Bush’s 21st birthday bash the girls through a party with a theme: Cowboys and Indians. Apparently not enlightened to the distinction between a job title, cowboy, and racial moniker, Indian, the girls required guests to come costumed as either Cowboy or Indian. The twins themselves lead the example by dressing as Annie Oakley and Pocahontas.

Apparently Texas education fails to enlighten their students beyond pop culture ignorance. Clearly the girls have their defense. After all the NFL put on it’s annual show of racial insult Thanksgiving Day with Dallas v. Washington and what American Indian can ever thank Disney enough for the animated film insult, Pocahontas.

When the daughters of the President of the United States exhibit indefensible racial attitudes all people of color globally need worry where they learned their racial attitudes. Will the President host in the White House a Christmas party expecting guests to dress in black-face, Frito Bandito, Hassidic or Muslim moniker. What is next for the Bush twins, an Israeli and Palestinian Square Dance?

An apology from the President to American Indians is required. Never shall a house of the President be used to lead the Nation into ignorance as has the Texas White House done just so.

Charlene Teters
Vice-President, National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media
Professor, Institute of American Indian Art, Santa Fe