Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

January 26, 1998

Dear Vernon,

Thanks for your letter and accompanying material. On reading it, I'm afraid I don't feel that I can say anything beyond what I did in my earlier letter. I'm listed on innumerable "advisory boards." It's understood that people so listed do not endorse specific activities of the groups in question, but are only expressing general shared interest in the issues being addressed. I have no way of evaluating your charge about the FBI disinformation campaign. I'm not rejecting it, but simply am in no position to evaluate it. The material enclosed seems to be personal letters, one written on Dark Night stationary, just as this letter is written on MIT stationary (because that's what I have). There is no implication that anyone connected with MIT endorses what I write in personal letters.

I don't feel that I have endorsed anything that I can repudiate, or that I have any basis for judgment on the serious and important issues you raise. Hence I see no way to take any steps at all on the matter -- and again, would like to express my hope that the issues can be resolved so that we can all turn our attention to the forces that are posing grave threats to human welfare, even survival.



Noam Chomsky

email: AIMGGC@worldnet.att.net