Minneapolis, MN
December 5, 2003


On December 5, 2003 a debut recording, entitled “Birth of a Warrior” will be released by up and coming Native Rapper Buggin Malone. The AIM Store is pleased to announce that this recording will be available for sale at our online store.

It has been a rewarding experience to be a part of this recording. It has been a long time coming for Buggin Malone who wrote and produced his own material. The road to the making of Buggin’s CD is noted in the name of his production company, “Po Native Productions.”

Minneapolis has one of the largest Native American populations in the United States. For the past twenty years, the Twin Cities Native American community has hosted a Native American month, in which the community celebrates its heritage and culture by organizing many cultural, recreational, and educational activities during the month of May.

With the need for more education on our history and culture, a group of young people formed an ad hoc committee called “Bridging the Generations Coalition” several years ago. This group organized a concert and invited John Trudell and his band, Bad Dog to use the medium of poetry and music to bring a relevant message to the community.

The Native American youth in this community also have a message, and have had little access to voice their message to a larger audience other then their own. Rap music is an art form that has its roots in the African-American community much like jazz, blues and other forms of contemporary music. Rap music can move and inspire when joined together with a political consciousness. We just need to listen.

Buggin Malone is a young Native American rapper. He performed with John Trudell during the Native American month concert at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Only Buggin is of Oneida, Potawatomie and Ho-Chunk descent. Most of his material has its roots in political activism. He began writing while incarcerated as a teen. He speaks and raps on violence and issues of Native American injustice, poverty and oppression. His songs reflect his vision of the world and his place in it. His signature and passionate rap honoring Leonard Peltier is profound.

At the age of 28 Wayne, ‘Only Buggin’ Malone has enough life experience to write on a variety of issues, and he has. On the city streets, he learned to take care of himself. He can relate to young people who have become involved in abuse and use because he’s been there.

Buggin Malone has performed at numerous Native American celebrations, benefits and rallies throughout the Midwest. He was a feature performer in the talent showcase on the “Don’t Believe the Hype” show aired on KTCA television in St. Paul, Minnesota. Recently he performed at the 30th Anniversary of Wounded Knee in Rapid City, South Dakota, and at the National Congress of American Indians conference in San Diego. A nomination in 2004 for a NAMA, the Native American Music Award in the category of Best Rap/Hip Hop Recording is evident.

Buggin Malone’s dream to record a professional CD of his work has materialized. In the past weeks, Buggin Malone had the opportunity to complete a 13-track recording, and his debut CD will be available this fall.

On December 5, 2003 a CD release party is being planned to launch Buggin’s CD, entitled, “Birth of a Warrior.” The party will be at OARFIN Records, 216 N. 3rd Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

John Trudell is committed to attend this event to support Buggin’s effort as a special guest. We hope to attract people in the music industry, and friends who can assist in promotion and marketing.